The New, Old, San Francisco

In case you have not heard, it may be 2013, but San Francisco is roaring once again and this time louder than ever!  I am doing all I can, along with some wickedly talented city dwellers, to bring you the style and the fun so you can party like it's 1929!  The production of automobiles may have slowed in the wake of public transportation here in the city by the bay, but the average consumer is still consuming and still demanding and your demands are not being met by the age old production line.  Shut it down, this time we want quality, not quantity.  Did I hear you say you want handmade?  Local, so you can be close to your product, maybe even meet it's maker?  A custom bow tie and matching pocket square to be the dapperest of the dapper?  Zelma Rose has you covered boys.  How about a custom hand made lingerie piece that you can sweetly wear during the day time on into the night?  Honey Cooler Handmade has all my females need to make the boys drool.  If that isn't enough to push you over in to the new, old way of city life, I've got the perfect place for you to foxtrot the night away in your new flappin dapper party gear.  Located in the Mission you will find, or you just might pass by it a few times, a very speakeasy-esque bar, Trick Dog.  From the magnificent light works to the i-beam above the bar with "Carnegie" welded in to it, Trick Dog has just the right amount of machine aesthetic to remind of our industrial past and enough unique and innovative cocktails to bring you to new places.  Hope this helps my modern day San Francisco based dapper gents and dames bring back the best parts of the golden years, today!